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When I was planning my wedding I had a folder on my work computer and one on my personal computer where I copied photos that I loved to get ideas for my own wedding.  It never failed though that the photo I needed was always on the other computer.  There were sites to create inspiration boards but you had to collect the photos still and then create the board.  It never failed I would forget where I saw something and had no way of going back to that site to get more information or order the item.  After the wedding as I was decorating our house I had the same issue, this time I had a bookmark folder called house with tons of links to images or products I was interested in but I couldn’t view the items as a collective.  Enter the fabulous folks who created a little website called Pinterest that is taking the web by storm, it is invite only and I see people begging for an invite on Facebook all the time.

So what is Pinterest you ask?  Well it is a virtual pinboard according to the Pinterest folks.  Remember the old corkboard your mom might have had next to the fridge in your kitchen.  She probably pinned up your latest artwork, coupons, recipes and photos.  Ok now imagine this pinboard is on your computer and you can create different pinboards for different things.  One might be for recipes, one might be for hairstyles you love, one might be for planning your wedding!  How awesome would it be to go online and pin 10 dresses that you love for your bridesmaids, then they can login and see your board and comment on what they like.  You’ve just saved yourself about 100 emails and everyone can see what everyone else had to say!  The best part of Pinterest is that now they can all click on the photo of the one they like and it takes them to the site you found it on and they can purchase right there!  Yay!!!  No more digging to find out where to get that awesome yellow and gray dress just click the pic!

Let’s say you just got engaged and you are obsessed with weddings and finding ideas for your own, just create a board and start pinning your ideas.  You can see an overall board of all your pins and really start to hone in color choices and your style.  LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Pinterest!!!  Some of my recent boards include a Mother’s Day brunch idea board that I filled with recipes, decoration and flower ideas and a board for the outside of our house where I pinned the front and back door I wanted, landscape ideas and a house that had the white siding with green shutters we were working towards.  When it was time to purchase the doors I just hopped on Pinterest and clicked the photo and it took me right to Home Depot to purchase the door!

How great would it be to create a board of flower ideas and share it with your florist so she know exactly the look you are going for!  Or pin awesome cake designs!  You could even create a board for your wedding day look and pin your dress, shoes, jewelry and bouquet and see how it all comes together!  I think Pinterest will soon be a must for anyone planning a wedding because it keeps things easy by keeping your pins in one place and you can see the overall look of the boards at a glance!  Below you can see some of my boards!


How to use Pinterest for your wedding!

Next month I will talk about how photographers can use Pinterest!!


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