Planning to Propose?!?!

Planning to Propose?!?!

It’s Thursday and your probably wondering where is today’s wedding!  Well we are taking a break this week (aka Melissa had a Saturday off), but no worries there are two fabulous weddings coming up on the blog very soon!  Instead we are going to talk about proposals and give me an excuse to show off pretty photos of engagement rings!  Yay!!

Did you know that proposal season is coming up?!?!  You might be saying “What?  There is a season for proposals?!?”, yes there is!  Did you know that 1/3 of all proposals happen over the holiday season?  From Thanksgiving to Valentine’s Day men and women across the world are coming up with ways to pop the question to their significant other.  So I’d say right about now those people are out shopping for rings and researching the best ways to propose!  I’m sure they are asking friends how they proposed and Googling ideas.  What if I told you that I could take some of the stress off you and help you put together an amazing proposal and I would photograph it so you have beautiful photos to document it!  I hope right now you are saying “Yes please!”.

I’ve partnered with Ashley Alphin of C & A Events to help guys or gals plan the perfect proposal!  Ashley was the planning force behind our Wonderland Tea Party style shoot that was featured on the wedding blog United with Love!  It’s not that we don’t think guys can plan amazing proposals but everyone can use a little help sometimes.  This is a moment women think about all their lives and we want to help you make it perfect!  We want your proposal to reflect you and not something random you found on the internet.

From Ashley, “So many women dream of their special day – not just the wedding day, but the day their Prince will propose to them. However, some men struggle with making the day unique and intimate for their special someone.  So here is where I come in!”.  She will meet with the groom to be to learn more about you as a couple, what you like to do together, how you met, what are your personalities like!  After that meeting she will come up with an initial idea/theme and once it is approved by the groom to be she will start coordinating and stylizing the proposal.

In addition I want to photograph it!!  I remember when David proposed to me my sister in law took photos and that was how we told my family.  I sent an email with the photos of David down on one knee and then us crying and hugging, followed up with us triumphantly showing off my ring!  For your proposal I will be in stealth mode giving you plenty of space to pop the question but still managing to capture the emotion of the moment.  Afterwards we will take a few minutes to take some fabulous photos of the happy couple, kind of like a mini engagement session!

So if you know a guy or a girl that is ring shopping and needs help planning the perfect marriage proposal send them a link to this post and help them get their engagement off on the right foot!  Inquire for pricing.

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  • SarahNovember 1, 2011 - 5:32 pm

    Melissa! How am I just running across your site, being a fellow VA gal :) Your work is gorgeous, lots of talent & passion there! Your ringshots are amazing too – are they with the help of a dreamy 100 macro by any chance?

  • melissaNovember 1, 2011 - 5:46 pm

    Hi Sarah! Yes they were shot with the original 100mm macro, I will be honest though I usually have to shoot 20+ and I’ll have at least 1 or 2 that are crisp. I tend to sway when I shoot and that is not so great with macro ;) I should try a tripod but I hate carrying extra gear :)


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