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She was all I could see :).  “I was standing in a very busy, constantly moving line with 2 massive suitcases, 2 carry-on size bags, and a handful of paperwork…and she’s all I could see :)” John said when asked his first impression of Anna.  Anna and John have this romantic love story that is fit for a movie.  They met while both working on Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines and fell in love while traveling the globe.  I love that some of their favorite memories have taken place in the far reaches of the Earth in small intimate locations perfect for a movie!  Anna said that she noticed John at the ship’s disco which was a hangout spot for staff on the ship, she thought he was so interesting that she introduced herself twice, lol!  Anna is a professional dancer/actor in NYC and they call New York home when John’s not on board a ship traveling the globe.  Anna said she is lucky to be able to join him as often as possible checking out new destinations.

I met Anna last year when I photographed her sister Sarah’s wedding!  She was the maid of honor with a speech that brought everyone to tears.  As I walked around her parents house while she was getting ready my heart was flooded with happiness to see so many photos from Sarah & Matt’s wedding framed and on display in various rooms.  It brought back memories of so many great moments and I was thrilled to be working with this AMAZING family once again.  When Anna told me they would be having the wedding at her parent’s house on the river I was over the moon excited!  We actually sailed our boat down part of the way and then I borrowed my in-laws truck to drive the final distance.  I’ve been joking around that I might start specializing in weddings on the water where I can sail to work ;).  Anna’s mom told me to sail by and drop anchor anytime!  Talk about a stunning location Anna’s dad designed the house himself and the views were spectacular.  I don’t think you could have a more beautiful location for a waterfront wedding!

This Northern Neck Va wedding made my top 5 list of best weddings I’ve had the pleasure of photographing in fact they might be #1!!!  Everything was amazing from start to finish, I really could not put together a better recipe for a wedding.  Anna and John were so easy to work with I honestly felt like I was cheating because they were complete naturals in front of the camera!  I could go on and on about how amazing everything was but I’ll let you take a look and decide for yourself :).

Anna and John I cannot even express how much I loved working with you guys.  I wish you infinite happiness and laughter as you travel the globe and add more chapters to your Old Hollywood love story!  John you might run into David and I on one of your cruises as it’s something we’ve talked about doing forever and Anna I’m totally planning to come see you in a show in NYC at some point!  For now enjoy your wedding photos!


anna-john-northern-neck-wedding-photography-119 anna-john-northern-neck-wedding-photography-112 anna-john-northern-neck-wedding-photography-143 anna-john-northern-neck-wedding-photography-114 anna-john-northern-neck-wedding-photography-127 anna-john-northern-neck-wedding-photography-150 anna-john-northern-neck-wedding-photography-156 anna-john-northern-neck-wedding-photography-159 anna-john-northern-neck-wedding-photography-181 anna-john-northern-neck-wedding-photography-189 anna-john-northern-neck-wedding-photography-200 anna-john-northern-neck-wedding-photography-208 anna-john-northern-neck-wedding-photography-214 anna-john-northern-neck-wedding-photography-226 anna-john-northern-neck-wedding-photography-227 anna-john-northern-neck-wedding-photography-230 anna-john-northern-neck-wedding-photography-231 anna-john-northern-neck-wedding-photography-238 anna-john-northern-neck-wedding-photography-239 anna-john-northern-neck-wedding-photography-250 anna-john-northern-neck-wedding-photography-257 anna-john-northern-neck-wedding-photography-272 anna-john-northern-neck-wedding-photography-290 anna-john-northern-neck-wedding-photography-300 anna-john-northern-neck-wedding-photography-303 anna-john-northern-neck-wedding-photography-313 anna-john-northern-neck-wedding-photography-345 anna-john-northern-neck-wedding-photography-353 anna-john-northern-neck-wedding-photography-359 anna-john-northern-neck-wedding-photography-380 anna-john-northern-neck-wedding-photography-543 anna-john-northern-neck-wedding-photography-498 anna-john-northern-neck-wedding-photography-574 anna-john-northern-neck-wedding-photography-592 anna-john-northern-neck-wedding-photography-596 anna-john-northern-neck-wedding-photography-553 anna-john-northern-neck-wedding-photography-608 anna-john-northern-neck-wedding-photography-621 anna-john-northern-neck-wedding-photography-635 anna-john-northern-neck-wedding-photography-636 anna-john-northern-neck-wedding-photography-648 anna-john-northern-neck-wedding-photography-674 anna-john-northern-neck-wedding-photography-680 anna-john-northern-neck-wedding-photography-687 anna-john-northern-neck-wedding-photography-732 anna-john-northern-neck-wedding-photography-527 anna-john-northern-neck-wedding-photography-453 anna-john-northern-neck-wedding-photography-728 anna-john-northern-neck-wedding-photography-760 anna-john-northern-neck-wedding-photography-432 anna-john-northern-neck-wedding-photography-511 anna-john-northern-neck-wedding-photography-446 anna-john-northern-neck-wedding-photography-448 anna-john-northern-neck-wedding-photography-457 anna-john-northern-neck-wedding-photography-441 anna-john-northern-neck-wedding-photography-458 anna-john-northern-neck-wedding-photography-465 anna-john-northern-neck-wedding-photography-480 anna-john-northern-neck-wedding-photography-479 anna-john-northern-neck-wedding-photography-436 anna-john-northern-neck-wedding-photography-774 anna-john-northern-neck-wedding-photography-811 anna-john-northern-neck-wedding-photography-824 anna-john-northern-neck-wedding-photography-826 anna-john-northern-neck-wedding-photography-833 anna-john-northern-neck-wedding-photography-840 anna-john-northern-neck-wedding-photography-851 anna-john-northern-neck-wedding-photography-857 anna-john-northern-neck-wedding-photography-878 anna-john-northern-neck-wedding-photography-893 anna-john-northern-neck-wedding-photography-903 anna-john-northern-neck-wedding-photography-910 anna-john-northern-neck-wedding-photography-1027 anna-john-northern-neck-wedding-photography-1156

A little Flashdance inspiration!



So what happens when you have a wedding for a professional dancer and her dancer friends?  Why they break out into routine during the reception just for fun!  I took a little bit of video because it was so cool to watch.  No judging me, I’m not a videographer ;)!  The video might take a bit to load so here is the direct link on YouTube – Anna & John.


anna-john-northern-neck-wedding-photography-1226 anna-john-northern-neck-wedding-photography-1227

Thank you Camille for being an awesome second shooter!!!

To see more of Anna & John’s Northern Neck Virginia wedding check out the slideshow below! (Click here if you don’t see the slideshow below)

The following wedding vendors contributed to Anna & John’s wedding:

Ceremony & Reception Venue: Private Home
Photography: Melissa Arlena Photography
Florist: Diane Lewis
DJ: Stephen Burks
Makeup: Chris Morabito
Catering: Shelly Williams
Cake: Cakes to Remember
Gown: RK Bridal

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