Bridal Show Season | Stafford Virginia Wedding Photographer

Bridal Show Season | Stafford Virginia Wedding Photographer

Booth details like a birdcage, wooden toolbox, antique buffet with albums on display

Whoever said that January-March was the slow season for a wedding photographer was wrong!!!  I was worried that I’d be sitting around my office twiddling my thumbs while I count down the days for my husband to come home but I’ve barely had time to do that.  Instead it has been a whirlwind of meetings, bridal shows, consults, conventions and blogging.  I just finished up my third bridal show this weekend and right now as I told my husband, my house is tore up from the floor up from one end to the other!  I think cleaning will be taking place tomorrow.  So why is my house a wreck and why am I sharing that with you today you might ask.  Well for yesterdays bridal show booth I raided my house for furniture and props to complete my vintage-rustic-shabby-chic look!  I was totally inspired by a photographer in Michigan’s booth setup especially when I looked around my house and realized his booth looked a lot like the decorating in my house.  I’ve seen tons of photographers doing the living room setup with couches and tables and cool walls.  My problem is storing all that stuff, I just don’t have the space and I’m trying not to buy things I can’t use in other aspects of my life.  So I started making a list of what I had on hand that I could use to create this vintage rustic look I love!  Turns out I had a lot of stuff but I’m happy to say it all fit in one truckload!

Yesterdays bridal show was the Big Day Bridal and Event Expo at the Fredericksburg Expo Center.  I believe it was the first bridal show they have done but they did a great job!!!  There were lots of great vendors like Stevenson Ridge, Sweet Reasons Cupcakes, Chikpea Graphics, Hartwood House, Hilton Garden Inn and of course my favorite florist Anthomanic!  I’m excited to go visit some of those places and add more favorite vendor interviews to the blog!  So stay tuned for those posts!  This was the first bridal show where I had enough space to have more then just a table and a wall with photos behind it so I was excited to do something different but still me.  I think I’ll add a photo at the end of this post with arrows telling you were everything lives at my house when it is not at a bridal show!

Huge THANK YOU to Anthomanic a lovely local Stafford, Virginia florist for taking my wildflower idea and bringing the perfect flowers to set off my booth!  The flowers were the finishing touch that made the booth come to life!  I was able to grab a booth right next to Amanda so we sent brides back and forth all day!  I’m so excited to start meeting with all the fabulous brides I talked to at the show!!  It was crazy busy at times and I couldn’t have done it without my adorable assistant Rebecca!  This started out with her helping me at just one show and then I ended up dragging her along to all of them because she made my life so much easier and we were able to talk to twice as many people.  Tip for other photographers, bring along a friend or an assistant for a bridal show it will make you less crazy at the end of the day!  So onto the eye candy of my booth!

Wooden rose wreath, antique frame and Melissa Arlena brochures for wedding photosBridal show booth wall with ladder, flowers and photosAntique dresser with portrait and roses, wire basket of brochures, flush mount album, gallery wrap and jug of flowersBrownie camera, wedding photography brochures, wild blackberries in glass jarsAntique cameras, blue ball mason jars, wildflowers in watering canVirginia Wedding Photography Bridal Show Booth

Where does it all go?

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  • amandaFebruary 22, 2011 - 11:59 am

    How do I steal some of these pics to post an album for our Anthomanic FB? These would be cool in their own album!

  • LauraFebruary 22, 2011 - 12:13 pm

    Awesome booth Melissa! Great job! Now I see why you wanted that non-tapering ladder! ;)

  • melissaFebruary 22, 2011 - 12:23 pm

    Thank Laura! Yep, it does taper slightly but it is close enough :)

    Amanda I’ll put a folder up on Facebook with the pics and you can grab them from there :)


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