Bridesmaid Dress Inspiration for Your Wedding

Bridesmaid Dress Inspiration for Your Wedding - Melissa Arlena Photography

Bridesmaid Dress InspirationBridesmaid Dress Inspiration

Everything is starting to come together for your wedding. You got the venue, the photographer, the date and the wedding party. Now, you need to decide what your bridesmaids will wear. I thought a little Bridesmaid Dress Inspiration might help you out!

There are many colors and styles to choose from: one shoulder, strapless, spaghetti straps, halter, sweetheart, and scoop. Bridesmaids can wear different necklines or all the same. It depends on the look you want. Some brides will also do a theme of different shades of pastels or different shades of pink. It depends on the look you are going for. A great place to see gorgeous dresses is BHLDN.

Every season has a different trend as well. We will go through the different seasons and what the most recent trends have been.

Bridesmaid Dress Inspiration

Winter Dresses

Winter usually brings the dark moody tones. If you are getting married between November- February March, those dresses tend to be floor length. Now there are many different types of floor length dresses. Most brides will do floor length as they tend to still do pictures outside with the bridal party and the floor length with help for those chilly times. As for colors, many love the deep red, dark navy blue, dark green, dark purple and some will even want black. If you are getting married at the end of March, you could either do dark, knee-length dresses or start spring early and bring on the pastels!  

Bridesmaid Dress InspirationBridesmaid Dress InspirationBridesmaid Dress Inspiration

Spring Dresses

When Spring is in the air, everybody is ready for those bright pastel colors! Spring brings the baby pinks, blues, mint green, even a soft peach color. Depending on where the ceremony is some brides will choose to keep the floor length dresses if you are having chilly weather, where the warmer states will have knee high length dresses or shorter to give the spring feel. Choose a dress that you would love your girls to be wearing. Most brides will let the girls choose their own style of the dress, but should be the matching color from the same designer. This gives the girls a chance to find dresses that they will wear again and not just leave hanging in the closet.

Bridesmaid Dress InspirationBridesmaid Dress InspirationBridesmaid Dress InspirationBridesmaid Dress InspirationBridesmaid Dress Inspiration

Summer Dresses

When Summer is here, those bright and bold dresses are coming out. Many brides will do the soft pinks and blues, but the knee high or shorter are the typical length for summer weddings. Most brides will opt for spaghetti straps or strapless dresses during this season, but do the dress that is in theme with your wedding. To make your bridesmaids more comfortable with shorter dresses, Spanx or compressions shorts might help them to be more comfortable with shorter dresses. Common colors for Summer are coral, royal blues and purples, baby pink and light purples, aquamarine,  mint or teal.

Bridesmaid Dress InspirationBridesmaid Dress InspirationBridesmaid Dress InspirationBridesmaid Dress InspirationBridesmaid Dress InspirationBridesmaid Dress Inspiration

Fall Dresses

Fall is different everywhere, but most people go for the deep reds, purples and orange colors for fall weddings. Some will even do a darker yellow if they like it. Colors that have been popular the past couple years are gold or sequined dresses for fall. But in the end, choose the color you want your girls to wear. Coral has been a popular bridesmaid color and it’s been common in Spring, Summer, and Fall.

Bridesmaid Dress InspirationBridesmaid Dress InspirationBridesmaid Dress Inspiration
Bridesmaid Dress Inspiration
Bridesmaid Dress InspirationYour Bridesmaids will look wonderful in whatever colors you choose. Once you have the dresses picked out, you get to choose the jewelry and the shoes you would like them to wear. If you have them wear high heels, maybe gift them some cute flip flops for when the dancing starts. It will be more comfortable for them to dance the night away with you on your special day. I hope this bridesmaid dress inspiration post helps you pick the perfect dresses for your girls to wear!

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