Wall Art

Wall Art

My mission is to get your images off your computer and onto your walls!

I see it time and time again where clients come to me looking to have their portraits taken and just get the cd. For awhile I did just that, I took their portraits and gave them the cd and said goodbye. Then I started checking back with them to see what they did with that cd and more times then not it ended up in a drawer after posting a few photos to FB with the intention of getting prints later. It would make me sad that those beautiful images were just sitting there and then I realized it was my fault they were sitting there. It was my fault my clients didn’t have them displayed. It wasn’t that they didn’t like the images, they loved them but they had no idea what to do with them. My clients had no idea what options there were to display their images or they were too scared to make a mistake. It’s kind of like picking the perfect paint color, you live in terror that you’ll get it wrong and you have no idea where to start to get it right!

So I started re-evaluating my business and the service I was providing to my clients. It’s not that I don’t want you to have the digital files, quite the opposite in fact, I do want you to have them but I want you to have a beautiful framed print or gallery wrap display to put on the wall too! Stick that cd in the drawer for safe-keeping but spend a moment everyday looking at your favorite photo of your family hanging on the wall. I know that in my home I have a grouping of 4 canvases hung at the top of our stairs of my babies, my son Will and our two dogs Sammy and Sadie. Everyday I look at those images as I go up and down and they make me smile! I can’t wait to add an image of our new baby to that display.

So I had to ask myself how can I bring that same joy to my clients everyday? I didn’t want to be a pushy salesperson so I did some research and talked to past clients and realized that they didn’t look at me as a used car salesperson they looked to me as a trusted adviser on how to display their photos. Unfortunately before I wasn’t living up to that role. So I decided to change things and I started looking for ways to become that person my clients needed. I started looking for ideas for wall displays to share with my clients and I invested in some amazing software to show my clients exactly how a display can look on their wall! As you look through the slideshow above you can see some virtual examples and real world examples of wall displays. Even better at your ordering consultation we can take a photo of a blank wall in your home and create a mock-up display of the images from your session and show you how it will look on your wall! How cool is that?!?! Now we can figure out what size and arrangement will work best without hammering a single nail!

So no more letting your beautiful photos sit in a drawer, let’s work together to figure out how to create beautiful artwork for your home that will make you smile everyday!