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Introducing: Sweet Reasons

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It’s no secret that I love cupcakes!    For my 30th birthday last year my Mom and sister baked lemon cupcakes for my party!  Last year one of my brides had a banana pudding cupcake that still makes my heart skip a beat.  I maintain that cupcakes are the perfect portion size and even better travel easily, meaning I can take one home from my weddings to scarf down in bed after a long day.  I’ve been known to bribe friends to help me with my bridal shows with the promise of cupcakes from the bakeries participating.  I have no shame when it comes to cupcakes!  Last holiday season my friend Rebecca dragged me over to Spotsylvania Mall because there was this “awesome” cupcake place.  Awesome is not a big enough word to describe these cupcakes…. amazing, awe-inspiring, extraordinary, phenomenal, God’s gift to the world, these are better ways to describe these cupcakes!!!  They are seriously the best cupcakes I’ve ever had, they are so moist and delicious and I’m drooling just thinking about them.  I’m not the only one that feels this way, upon sharing them I have heard from others that it was the most delicious thing they’ve ever eaten!  Upon hearing that it was the last day they were going to be in the mall Rebecca and I were heartbroken but we grabbed a business card with their new location and the promise to check it out.  Low and behold at the last bridal show as I ran for the cupcake vendors after the brides left I found myself staring at a very familiar sign and one taste of the cupcakes had me remembering the magic I had been missing!  The owners Juli and Christina were fabulous and we chatted about an interview on the blog so I could share the yummy goodness with friends, family and all my brides!  So last week I popped down to the bakery not once but twice because I realized as I edited the photos that I needed another cupcake to finish.  You look at these photos and tell me you don’t want a cupcake!

Enough yammering from me let me tell you how to find these works of moist deliciousness!  Check out their new website,!  Stop by their shop 4290 Germanna Hwy Locust Grove, Virginia, call in your order ahead of time 1-540-412-1355.  Also check them out on Facebook where they post the flavors of the day!  Last but not least drop them an email to find out how they can make your wedding guests love you for life!  Below is a pic of my lemon chiffon dream!!!  Insanely good I tell you!!!

Lemon Chiffon Cupcake

1. Tell me about your business! What do you do?

Well, we are fairly new to this business. We opened in December in the Spotsylvania mall just for the month to feel out the Fredericksburg market. It was so much fun & we met so many great people!  We opened Sweet Reasons in Locust Grove in January right next to Lake of the Woods. It has been fabulous! So many familiar faces from the mall & so many new ones. We have become a weekly ritual for many. We start each day with 8 of our standard flavors. We then add 3-4 additional flavors of our choice. We use Facebook to update daily flavors, have fun contests & post pictures of celebrations we are participating in. We are looking forward to a Fredericksburg location in the near future.

2. What was your inspiration for opening your business?

Our inspiration was that everything is in big cities. Just b/c it’s in the city doesn’t mean we can’t match their quality. :) Cupcakes just made sense to us, they are perfect for those looking for a little dessert or something sweet & I love the challenge of uniquely presenting them for a milestone occasion. I adore making people oh & ah when they see a display they cannot believe are cupcakes! :)

3. What is your favorite part of your job?

Its hard to say what my favorite part of the job is. I get to be creative both with recipes & design so that is a win-win for me. Since it’s different everyday it keeps us on our toes. But I think the best part is seeing a childs face when they see a birthday arrangement made just for them. I truly try to tap into their favorite things. Same with brides. You put so much into that one day that you want to be so special almost magical. That’s how I want you to feel when you see my bridal display for you. Cakes are great but lets face it, cupcakes have way more fun! They can be elegant, vary in flavor, easy clean up & can be displayed in such various ways. We love to think outside the box & I always look forward to a challenge.

4. What inspires you?

What inspires us is easy, smiles & helping people. Our fundraising work is going fabulously. We have set up a simple, fun way to fundraise for any local groups. It has worked like a charm & it’s a great feeling to write those checks to the organization & watch them marvel at how much they received. We don’t usually have to twist arms to get someone to enjoy a cupcake for a cause. :) No other feeling like giving back in your community by doing what you love.

5. As a baker what is the number one piece of advice you would pass along to brides?

A. Stop worrying about what everyone else will enjoy. Sure food allergies are a concern but go with what you will remember. Chances are they will love it also! & B. Find a baker that you relate to, that you trust with your vision. Providing room for creativity will give you a one of a kind presentation that will be remember by all. You will get more because your baker will love making it! ♥ We don’t leave it just to cupcakes because we know what goes into a wedding & love to provide the same quality into other things you need. We do Welcome to town baskets for your family/close friends that are coming from afar. What better way to welcome them than a basked of fresh baked goods? We do thank you favors of limitless types, we do centerpiece rentals, decor of your centerpieces & cake table. It really varies with each brides vision!


Vintage chalkboard cupcake menuPeanut Butter Wedding CupcakeDetails of the Sweet Reasons shop in Locust Grove VirginiaCupcake apron

Cupcakes on display at Sweet Reasons

Wedding cupcake centerpieceOld fashioned beater, red velvet and lemon chiffon cupcakePeanut Butter Cupcake, aprons and cupcake displayWedding cupcakes in Virginia shopBacon Cupcakes

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  • amandaMarch 21, 2011 - 11:15 am

    her advice for brides sounds like mine! :D hahahah :)


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