Dog Lover


I’m a dog lover!  I joked about David winning me over with photos of his puppy and it wasn’t a lie, she is the blonde in the top corner over there!  Her name is Sadie Mae and she started out as a little fireball but has now matured into our little lady.

Sam is our crazy insane Golden Retriever puppy!  We’ve had female dogs for so long I forgot how headstrong male dogs can be.  He is really good with Will though, in fact he is two weeks younger than Will so they are growing up together.  Sam is not a big fan of the boat or water though, I thought goldens were waterdogs but he seems to have forgotten that!

I have loved photographing our dogs and I think it is so important to have photos of your pets.  So besides photographing weddings and newborns I also photograph pets!  You can check out my pet portfolio here!