Heirloom Wedding Albums

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If my mom and I were to have a race right this moment on who could find their wedding photos first she would win hands down! Heck I bet I could find her wedding photos faster than my own. The reason why is simple, she invested in a Wedding Album when she got married and I got a cd. 

Every year on her anniversary she would bring the album out of the cabinet and we would lovingly look through the photos and laugh at how young she and Dad once were. I can remember the cream cover with gold script lettering, the simple 8x10 prints slipped inside page protectors. The photo of my Dad twirling the garter laughing in his white tux (it was 1978, lol!).

These memories are precious to me and this year my parents celebrate 39 years of marriage. 39 anniversaries where they pull out their album and remember how in love they were that day! This is the legacy I want for all of my clients.....  

Newborn Albums

You are sitting down on the couch with a nice glass of wine, the kids are finally in bed and your oldest has his outfit all laid out for his first day of school. You think to yourself where has the last 5 years gone! Then you see it beckoning you from the bookcase, his beautiful baby album. 

The album that you've spent countless moments sitting on this very couch cuddled up with him looking at because he is fascinated to see himself as a baby.

You pick it up and lovingly page through remembering how tiny he was. You remember how blond his hair was and how good he smelled when you cuddled with him. You see your husband holding this tiny baby and think how careful you both were to not break this beautiful baby.

It seems a lifetime ago and you are thankful that these photos exist to remind you. Thankful that this album has kept those memories safe and protected to be shared with his kids someday....

Album Details

Beautiful albums handcrafted in the USA, these will not only keep your memories safe they will look gorgesous doing it!

  • 8x8, 10x10 or 12x12 sizes offered
  • All albums include at least 10 spreads (20 pages) which allows you to include all the key moments of your wedding
  • Add on additional spreads to include all your favorite photos
  • 100% natural Italian leather covers are soft to the touch, durable, and impressive in their quality
  • Equally stunning and more slim-profiled, our layered woven linen covers are beautifully textured and enhance the hand-made quality of our Heirloom Albums
  • Finish off your cover with a photo cameo, engraving or debossing to personalize your products even further
  • Thick pages meant to stand up to 50+ anniversaries plus grandkids
  • Clean and Classic custom designed layout of your wedding or portrait images that will stand the test of time

Initial album design takes 7 days. Once all changes have been made and the final design is approved it takes 4-6 weeks for the physical album to be made. 

Wedding Albums start at $1600 and Newborn Albums start at $800.

Monthly payment plans are available and encouraged. This is a part of your family legacy, it's value only goes up year after year!

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