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While I wait for the new ios5 to download so I can update my iPhone and iPad (yes I am an Apple fan) I thought I’d write a My Life post!  It’s been awhile since I’ve done a Wednesday post, things have been crazy and I fell off the blogging horse.  No better time to get back on then now I suppose!  When thinking about what to post I figured I’d talk about what is on my mind right now and that is some awesome opportunities and blessings for my business.  It is overwhelming and will require  lot of thought and prayer to make the right decisions.  So far those two things have gotten me to where I am along with giving as much of myself as I can to others.  I believe in karma and putting good things out into the world and I’ve found that I have been blessed because of it.

September and October have been a whirlwind, in fact I barely remember September!  I’m still trying to catch up!  The day to day tasks have multiplied which means some long term plans have been sitting on hold.  I’ve met some incredible people this year and photographed amazing weddings!  When I took the leap to full time last year I wasn’t sure if I would sink or swim.  Sometimes even now I feel like my head is barely above water but I’ve learned to tread and I’m getting stronger.  What I love about having my own business is that I’m only limited by myself.  Granted that means that sometimes I’m the one holding me back but I can work on that!  I love being able to bounce ideas off David and even though I don’t always like his reality checks they still challenge me.  In some ways him telling me “Not yet” fires me up to prove him wrong ;)  I’m a girl that thrives on a challenge, heck when we first met he challenged me that he could stay up later and I proved him wrong!  Of course later I found out he was just guaranteeing that he would be able to spend the evening chatting me up!

So I’m giving myself homework for October, that long term plan list is getting dusted off!  I’m going to lock myself in my office for a day and stay off email, internet and facebook and put together a plan of action to make 2012 even better then 2011!  I’m not sure how I can top 2011 but if I do things will be amazing!  So along with locking myself in my office to focus for a day there will be a lot of prayer going on because I know that if I turn these things over to God he will show me the way.  My trust and faith in Him has brought me countless blessings so far!


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