Love It! Hate It! Party Planning and Fees!

Love It! Hate It! Party Planning and Fees!


Love It!

1.  Party Planning!  So this year we are having a Mother’s Day brunch at our house for my Mom and Gram and I’ve been all over the Martha Stewart site for ideas on how to make it super snazzy!!  We are talking tissue paper pom poms hanging from the ceiling, gorgeous flowers from Anthomanic and a fabulous tablescape that will look so pretty.  I’ve been checking out fun brunch recipes like  bacon, egg and toast cups and strawberry tarts.  Cute drinks like raspberry lemonade and of course mimosas!  I just want it to be special and look beautiful for Mother’s day.  I love scouring ideas online and figuring out what I can do with things I already have.  I know David is especially thrilled (not) with the food items I keep getting recipes for, think fancy and girly.  I’ll have to share some photos of my decorations and maybe some tips on how to dress up any party!

2.  Twisty Virginia roads!  I love Spring and Fall and going out in the mustang with the top down for a nice drive through the countryside.  David and I will sometimes just grab the girls and jump in the car and go for a drive.  What makes the drive so good is the windy twisty roads we are lucky to have here in Virginia.  I’d never paid much attention to it before until we started visiting my in-laws in South Carolina and my mother in law pointed out that their roads are flat and straight and looooonnnngggg.  AKA really boring!  I think one day next week I might have to pack a picnic basket and we can jump in the Stang and drive till we find the perfect place for a picnic.  Let’s hope the temps are still in the 60’s then.  85 one day and 60 the next, I’m thinking it is Mother Nature’s time of the month ;)

3.  Finally blooming plants!  I have so many flowers and bushes that I’ve planted over the years and because they didn’t get much sunlight they just kind of sat there taunting me.  They are saying I was so pretty at the store but your yard sucks and thanks to you planting me in the wrong spot I will sit here and stubbornly not grow.  Until this year!!!!  After trimming up our trees last year suddenly my flowers have decided that I’m not such a horrible gardener and they are growing like crazy and finally BLOOMING!!!!  I almost tripped on the steps when I noticed my clematis by the door had like 6 flowers on it, I think I was lucky to get 1 over the last 4 years.  The rose bushes are growing like crazy and things are actually starting to bloom.  Even better is that the grass seed I put down on Easter is starting to appear!!  Hip Hip Hooray!!!  I no longer feel like a failure, I have a garden, I have blooming flowers, I ROCK!!!


Hate It!

1.  Name Change Fees!  As a bride we get so excited to think about our new last names and when we are called by our new married name the first time it makes us giggle!  I love to tell newlyweds things like go kiss your wife because it always gets a smile.  What does not get a smile is all the paperwork we have to go through to change our names.  What makes me even unhappier is the fees you get charged to change your name at some places.  For instance my mortgage company wants to charge me $150 to update my name and that is really just to put a note on the account not even to reissue documents.  I told them forget it I’d stick with my maiden name for that amount.  Today I remembered I needed to update my passport and the fee for that……$110.  Forget the wedding causing you to go broke it’s really the fees you pay later to change your name.  So goodbye $110 and hello to the little booklet that will get me into my vacation in the Caribbean this summer!


These are the pom poms I'm gonna make :) | photo from



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