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“I made that!” her dad said so proudly.  I had just commented on how beautiful she was and his response cracked me up!  I love how girls can wrap their Daddy’s around their little fingers at even just a few days old.  Brian was certainly smitten with this precious bundle :).

After having two boys of my own it was so much fun to spend some time with a newborn baby girl for a change!  I keep teasing David that maybe in a couple years we can try again for a girl, he isn’t so on board with that idea ;).  Nikki was in the market for an Annapolis newborn photographer and my great friend Kelli referred her to me.  I love doing newborn sessions on location in client’s homes.  I think in years when they look back on the photos they will enjoy seeing the home they first brought her to and it makes things so much easier on new parents because there is no worry about getting the baby all packed up and taking them out of the house during those first few weeks.  Now don’t get me wrong after about a week cooped up in your house with a newborn you will be dying to just go somewhere even if it’s just Walmart!  But I love doing a more lifestyle newborn session where everyone can be relaxed in their own environment.

Keira was a dream to work with, just completely adorable for some family photos and then passed out right on time for some solo shots.  Her chubby cheeks were my favorite!  I loved seeing Nikki and Brian mesmerized by this tiny human, I promise not a day will go by where they won’t look at her and think wow, just wow.

Enjoy some sweet photos and if you or someone you know is expecting I love referrals so definitely send them my way for their very own adorable newborn photos!  Email me at [email protected].


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