Rob : Seven Months

It has been forever since I posted updated photos of my kids!!!  Will is turning 2 next week and rob is 9 months tomorrow.  So yes I’m a bit behind sharing his 7 month photos which were a bit behind because they were supposed to be 6 month photos ;).  Welcome to parenthood with 2 under 2!

I was just commenting to David the other day that Rob has been without his cleft lip now longer then he was with it!  His scar has healed up so well.  Most people don’t even notice because the scar does a great job of mimicking one of the ridges under your nose towards your mouth.  If you have no idea what I’m talking about feel that space between your nose and your mouth, you know the one where a mustache grows don’t worry I’ll wait while you check it out………..!  Found it!  Good so now that the anatomy lesson is over for today let’s just say if you didn’t know he had a cleft you probably wouldn’t notice the scar.  If you did know or you are a medical professional then you will probably see it.  I will say for everyone that has spotted it they tell us the drs did an excellent job!

I remember being terrified when they said cleft in the delivery room and now it is such a non issue.  We are so incredibly blessed to have access to great medical care.  My hope is that someone who has just found out their baby has a cleft lip is able to find these posts about Rob and see his cleft lip baby photos and realize it’s going to be okay.  It really is just a blip in the grand scheme of his life.  Now he may have to face an additional surgery when he gets older, his lip isn’t perfect but it is 1000x better then it was on Christmas day last year.  I also have to remind myself that it may never be 100% perfect compared to his brother but even if that is the case his crooked little smile and flirty attitude will have all the girls flocking I’m sure!

Oh and I need help deciding on a new canvas of both boys for the upstairs hallway!  So I”ll number the options that I’m considering and I’d love it if you voted on your favorite in the comments!


Option 1


Option 2!

So here we are at 7 months!  This was after we returned from our 10 day cruise on the Chesapeake where Rob learned to crawl across the dinette in the cabin.  This is why I like to do these at 6 months when babies can sit up but not yet crawl.  David had to spot him for me to make sure he didn’t fall off the bed!  Take a look at that adorable face (I’m told he looks like me) and fall in love!  He is silly and moody and loving all at the same time.  I think that translates to a handful ;)!


No we do not let Will sit on Rob on a regular basis but they were playing around and I’m sure this is probably the first of many photos of them sitting on each other as they grow up!  I’d make them repeat this for more photos over the years but Rob will probably get tired of Will sitting on him!

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