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I love seeing new parents during those first two weeks with their little babies, they are so in love with this new tiny human! They are in the 2 week bliss where the baby is still sleeping a lot hence the reason most photographers like to photograph new babies during the first 14 days. Taylor and Conor were no exception, Noah was sleeping good for them and he slept like a champ for his session. It always makes me chuckle when I go back for the ordering session though and it’s a completely different story, one parent is usually back at work and they both look like they haven’t slept in weeks. The baby has revealed crazy sleep habits and no one quite knows what day it is exactly! Again Taylor and Conor were no exception except they got smart and started sleeping in shifts so they could both get some decent sleep and share in the baby duties. Kudos to them and excuse my jealousy for all the nights I slept in 2 hour increments along with the boys ;).

I have loved working with this little family so much since Taylor contacted me in the fall for their maternity session! I was so excited to see their announcement on Instagram that Noah was here and get Taylor’s happy email later that night. Noah Davis had arrived weighing in at 7lbs 12ozs and 20 inches long!

Noah was the perfect subject just like his parents for his session. He slept when we wanted him to sleep for some absolutely precious baby portraits and woke up towards the end for gorgeous photos with his mom and dad. Parents always ask me okay what do you want us to do as I pose them and I tell them they get to do the easiest thing in the world, just look at this tiny piece of perfection they have created. There is no posing needed.

If you are looking for a Virginia Newborn Photographer, click here to learn more about my newborn sessions!

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