experience The Maternity & Newborn

Everything is about to change!

It will seem like such a blur during those first weeks home with your new baby. They change so much in what feels like the blink of an eye. You'll just want to take a second to pause everything and enjoy it all.

Relax & Snuggle

That is exactly what we will do at your newborn session, you will get that time to relax and snuggle with your new baby and your spouse. You will get beautiful photographs capturing those moments so you can look back in 10 or 20 years and remember every tiny detail.

Modern & Traditional

My style as a photographer is a mix of modern and traditional. My clients love the fun, sweet, caught in the moment images but they also love more traditional everyone looking at the camera portraits. My job is to give you both types of photos and then you can decide which are your favorites to hang on the wall!

Digital & Prints

I understand the importance of digital files for my clients to share online and with family across the world. I also appreciate the beauty of printed photographs displayed in your home as a constant reminder of how amazing your life really is. Together we will create artwork for your home!


Let's Chat

It all starts by getting to know each other through email or a phone chat! My clients want more than just pretty photos, they want someone who makes them feel comfortable despite their baby body and who has experience handling newborns. By the end of our session I'm like an old family friend!


Review Pricing

Learn more about The Portrait Experience below. If that sounds like what you are looking for contact me today for full collection pricing. Please be sure all decision-makers are involved so everyone is comfortable with booking me!


Save the Date

Pop the champagne & cue the confetti!! We are a match made in heaven! Now it's time to secure your date on my calendar. I typically book portrait sessions 4-6 weeks in advance, with newborns taking place 10 days after birth. To make it easy you can book through our online calendar!


Review Tips

I'll be sending you my Dream Session Planner to review for tips on preparing for the perfect session. It includes ideas on what to wear for everyone so you look stylish and coordinated. Right before your session I'll send out last minute tips on preparing your home and your baby for a smooth session.


Let's Decorate

Before your session I like to ask my clients to walk around their home and think about where they want to see their photos. Is it a beautiful album on a coffee table, a print box on the bookcase or a wall gallery over the stairs? When we plan it out ahead of time we can be sure to get exactly the photos we need!


Your Session

I like to make it easy on my clients so I will come to you! Lifestyle newborn sessions take place in your home typically in the nursery, living room and master bedroom depending on the light. Most sessions are usually an hour long and our focus is on your new little family. Your job is to stare adoringly at this little person you made and my job is to capture it!


Viewing Session

Prepare yourself for tears! I have yet to have a client that didn't cry over photos of her new baby. Your images will be ready 4 weeks after your session and we will schedule your viewing appointment. We can narrow down your favorites and select your collection. I always recommend clients purchase a Baby Album and an Heirloom Box of prints so in 5 years you can snuggle on the couch with your "baby" and remember how small they once were!


What time of day will my session be?

With maternity sessions, we typically shoot in late afternoon/early evening so we get that beautiful glowy sunset light!

For newborn sessions, I find babies are better in the morning when everyone is fresh so those are scheduled around 10 am.

What happens if the baby gets fussy or hungry during our session?

I’m a mom of two boys myself and I totally understand that babies need breaks.


I’m happy to take breaks as needed for top offs to make baby happy.


A warm full belly is usually all we need to get those adorable sleepy photos!

Do you use props or sets at your sessions?

My newborn photos are natural and organic images of your baby.


I like to keep things very simple and clean so I don’t provide any sets or props.


I’m thrilled to include things like family heirlooms such as a baby blanket or special stuffed animal in the photos though.


Plus if you have a little girl I’m a total sucker for a beautiful headband!

When do you typically photograph newborns?

I like to schedule our newborn session when your baby is around 10 days old.


Ideally anywhere from 7-14 is preferred. I definitely understand that some parents can’t schedule for that time frame especially if they have dealt with a NICU stay.


So please don’t worry and know no matter how old your baby is we can create some beautiful photos for you!

What can we do with the digital images included in our collection?

All of my collections include a certain number of digital files and a print release.


This means that you can post them on Facebook or Instagram, share them through email to family and print them wherever you please in whatever size you please.


Keep in mind though that when ordering prints through me you will be getting quality prints that match your files exactly.


If you print elsewhere on your own I cannot guarantee they will be correct.

Do you shoot digital or film?

Both! I’ve been in love with film photography since high school and if the lighting is right I love to photograph new babies on film.

So your online gallery will include film and digital images!

When will I see my photos?

I love to get a quick sneak peek to my clients within 48 hours because I know how excited they are!

The full gallery is ready within 4 weeks due to the time it takes for me to have the film developed and scanned.

Are parents and siblings included in the photos?

Of course! My goal is to capture your new family not just your baby.

We will work together to get adorable sibling photos and know that yes it may take bribes but that is ok!

We stuffed Vanilla Wafers around my youngest to get my oldest to interact with him during our newborn session.

You gotta do what you gotta do!