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One reason I love to live in Virginia is that we actually get 4 distinct seasons!  With each season comes a different look which makes my job a bit easier when using a location more then once for my shoots :).  Of course I try to use different spots for different couples so they don’t have the same photos but sometimes you are limited.  I was a bit nervous going into this session as I was using the same location for two of my couples who happen to know each other and I didn’t want them to have the exact same photos.  Thankfully those lovely Virginia seasons came into play, when I shot Caitlin & TJ’s engagement session here it was still pretty chilly being early April.  Spring was just starting to show signs of life but in the early stages.  When I came back in the summer to do Samantha & Caleb’s session we had full greenery everywhere and it was hot as blazes!  In fact I got there early to scout a couple locations I wanted to use and I knew one spot I was going to reuse because I thought it was a cool spot the first time I was there.  When I came around the corner expecting to see dead vines and instead saw what looked like an entrance to a secret garden my heart went pitter patter in my chest!!  Those dead vines were covered in gorgeous green ivy and were everywhere with this beautiful light filtering in from behind, it was like a dream spot to shoot in for me!!!!  Forget the vines scratching my legs, the sweat running down my face and the millions of gnats surrounding me it was perfect!!!  So thank you Mother Nature for delivering an unexpected surprise :)!

Samantha and Caleb are a military couple which you know I have such a soft spot for, Caleb is a Marine from Texas and Samantha is Virginia born and raised with a Texas heart!  They are a perfect match and were so much fun to work with.  Samantha wanted a rustic barn look to go with their wedding theme so we hiked over to a white barn for part of the session before finishing out under the willow trees.  Samantha brought along a rope and an adorable sign for props for the photos so I had fun tying them up together, lol!  Just wait till you see all the goodies she made for the wedding, I see an Etsy shop in someone’s future ;)!  I already plan to order one of her state love signs for our bedroom.  Enjoy the photos!



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