Christa & Patrick | Alexandria Virginia Engagement

The dreaded R word was in the forecast.  We were both emailing back and forth and checking the radar.  I told Christa they could make the call on what they were comfortable with and they decided to go for it!

This Old Town Alexandria Va engagement session has to be the quickest on record I think!  In fact there was no time for pleasantries or relaxing and just getting to know each other.  We were staring down an incoming storm and had about 45 min to an hour to wander around Old Town Alexandria for portraits.  Now on a wedding day I can knock out bride and groom portraits in 15-20 min but for engagement sessions I like to ease my couples into things.  This is practice so that when we only have that short time on a wedding day we can tackle it like the big game.  Christa and Patrick were troopers though the jumped right in and by the time we were done they were posing like models!  It’s a fact that typically my favorite images come during the last 15 min of a session because by then everyone has loosened up and they know how I’m going to pose them so they add their own personality into things.

Christa and Patrick are getting married in September at National Harbor and I’m so excited for their wedding!  Photos on the docks with boats in the background and the new Sky Wheel!!!!  Woohoo!   In fact instead of driving to their wedding on Saturday David and I are going to take the boat up Friday and hang out for the weekend.  So there might be some portraits on our boat with these guys if they are game!

When I think of Christa and Patrick the word adorable comes to mind.  They are so cute together I just want to hug them!  Patrick is into photography and actually knows a bit of technical stuff so we chatted about cameras, lenses, metering and of course film vs digital lol!  He probably wished he hadn’t gotten me started talking about it all because I will go on and on!

So check out their beautiful Old Town Alexandria engagement session, enjoy their photos on the waterfront and historic streets!


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