I am a wife!  That handsome man next to me is my wonderful husband David!  He is a Marine reservist which made me an unexpected military wife.  Two back to back deployments later and I think I’ve got the hang of it ;).

We met on a white water rafting trip with friends 10 years ago, his Southern charm and photos of his yellow lab puppy swept me off my feet. He proposed on New Years Eve 2007 as the ball dropped and we were married July 5th 2008! I managed to guarantee fireworks for my anniversary every year ;).

Recently we have become Shark Tank obsessed, it is fascinating to watch from a business owners standpoint.  We keep saying that someday we will be on that show with the next great idea and this is all research so we get a deal ;)! We are also very late to jump on the Walking Dead bandwagon but thank you neflix for letting us binge watch and get caught up! Darrell and Maggie are our favorite characters!