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Meet Melissa

Welcome, I’m Melissa Arlena! Most days you can find me camera in hand chasing my kids and dogs around for that perfect photo! Or I might be tackling my latest design or DIY project, you can bet either way I'm wearing something navy as it's my favorite color! I’m mostly known for being the photographer with a sailboat hence the sailboat in my logo. I’m a military wife, Marine Corp to be exact and mom to two little boys, Will and Rob! I live in Fredericksburg, Virginia but am frequently in Charleston, SC visiting family. My family and close friends call me Mel but never my husband, let’s just say his version of what a Mel should look like is not how he wants to picture me!

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Classic, Romantic & Joyful

I photograph people who desire to have Classic, Romantic & Joyful photographs documenting their life. I’m lucky to capture them as their love story unfolds from engagement session to wedding and then starting a family and beyond. Over the last 8 years of photographing weddings and portraits I have learned that my favorite part of my job is developing lasting relationships with my couples. This starts with the engagement session and by the wedding day  I’m photographing friends!

After doing this for so long I love when my couples reach back out to tell me they are having their first baby! Seeing them become parents and documenting those first moments together as a family are truly special to me. Even if you weren't a wedding client of mine I want to give you amazing newborn photos too!

As a photographer I’ve been featured in magazines and many online wedding blogs and I love seeing my clients hard work and amazing photos recognized by industry professionals. You can see a few of the places I’ve been published on my Details page!

When I’m not busy capturing beautiful weddings or photographing adorable newborns you can catch me sailing the Potomac River and Chesapeake Bay on our 40′ sailboat Apogee with my handsome husband David, and our crazy boys. They have been sailing all their lives and are getting old enough to start helping out a bit and they love it! Sailing was something we just kind of fell into and here we are 8 years and 3 boats later spending our summer vacations cruising the Bay for weeks on end.

10 things you might not know about me!

1. My JCrew cardigan collection rivals that of Mr. Rodgers, seriously I've lost count

2. I hate coffee, I'm sorry but I was ruined by a cup of black coffee at 7 years old

3. I'm obsessed with anything nautical and if it has an anchor on it it's mine

4. I love my fur baby Sam like he is our third child, he is my perfect golden retriever that I've wanted since I was 5

5. I LOVE decorating and design and could watch HGTV 24/7 if David would let me

6. Golden Girls is my favorite tv show and now it's on Hulu so you know where I am

7. I discovered true crime podcasts this year and I am a Murderino

8. I LOVE hard cider but hate beer

9. The Princess Bride is my favorite movie ever and I know all the words to it

10. I'm digging capsule wardrobes and I'm doing a Spring one with just 30 items

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